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This is a Museum of Consciousness

Hello there! I'm Alex, 21 years of age, an artist/designer/writer/all-around creative girl with a curious mind.
This is a collection of musings, reflections, nonsensical ramblings, music, photographs, and other things that pertain to my interests. My ask is always open, as well as submissions. Engage, contribute, & enjoy!

You Will Find Everything Here
now glows in the window. At first,
only a few questions crawled
through the door. Soon, unfinished
sentences. Eventually, herds
of priests, atheists, whole families of
extinct animals.
Today, there is a four hour wait
just to stand inside. Starving,
they ask about winning
lottery numbers, lost family
recipes, the necessity of exercise.
Is there a God? Why doesn’t he return
my phone calls? Where did I leave
my car keys? When a tree falls
in the forest, does it suffer?
He serves bowls of bubbling
Compliments. Slices of Financial Advice.
Entire legs of Answers, fresh cut
Answers, baked Answers served
with butter and garlic.
When they leave, he hears them
use words like full, content.
He has stopped sleeping at night.
He lies in bed and watches the hours
clock in and out of their shifts.
I am a dumb doctor.
A Novocain prescription.
I am new shoes
on a dead horse.

Genius in a Soup Kitchen by Sierra De Mulder